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avril lavigne, backstreet boys, beach, bethany joy galeotti, blink 182, books, boys, brand new, breaking dawn, buffy, cartoons, cds, chad michael murray, christmas, concerts, crafts, crocheting, dean winchester, degrassi, disney, dolphins, driving, drums, dvds, eclipse, edward cullen, fall out boy, family, fan fiction, friends, glee, good charlotte, green, green day, guitars, harry potter, hayden christensen, heroes, higher ground, hilarie burton, jackass, james lafferty, james patterson, jared padelecki, jason mraz, jensen ackles, johnny knoxville, kelly clarkson, laughing, lemonade mouth, linkin park, lost, lucy hale, matchbox 20, maximum ride, mest, mighty morphin power rangers, movies, music, my chemical romance, new found glory, new moon, ocean, one tree hill, panic! at the disco, pretty little liars, rachel mcadams, reading, robert pattinson, ryan dunn, ryan phillippe, sarah michelle gellar, shane west, simple plan, singing, smallville, snow, something corporate, sophia bush, spunk ransom, stars, supernatural, swimming, the all-american rejects, the ataris, the hunger games, the killers, the lying game, the notebook, the oc, the originals, the secret circle, the vampire diaries, travis pastrana, tv, twilight, vampire academy, will and grace, wrestling, writing, x games, yellowcard
Well I'm 26 and I live in NY. Music is an important part of my life. A day isn't a day if I don't hear a song or a lyric doesn't run through my mind. Yeah so since I don't know what else to write here just read my lj entries to learn more about me.

i'm in gryffindor!

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Date Created:2003-10-31

Becky is pretty quiet and doesn't write that much in her entries. Becky likes to listen to music and watch tv in her spare time. When in a hyper mood she tends to talk a lot. Always up for a good laugh, Becky knows some corny jokes and can do some impersonations.
Strengths: Friendly, smart, creative, good listener, loyal
Weaknesses: shy, doesn't always voice opinion, can't resist snooping at presents for Christmas
Special Skills: writing, play an instrument, is a good judge of character, excellent hearing, open-minded, some impersonations, talking really fast
Weapons: glare, the eye roll, sarcasm
Favorite Quote: "Happiness doesn't come cheap if it did then we'd all be smiling."

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