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08 April 2012 @ 09:59 pm
One Tree Hill  
It's been awhile since I've actually updated this lj other than putting up a story or something but I couldn't just let the end of One Tree Hill by without writing something.

Now before I get to the actual finale let me just tell about the story of trying to watch it. I have Direct TV and they were having a dispute with Tribute Network which owns some of the CWs, WGN, and a few other networks. I knew they were having the dispute because they told people to call or whatnot but noothing about it going off air at least not that I saw. So I get home from work and I had been sick so I took a nap and it was time for dinner so I just automatically turned on CW so when I went in my room to watch OTH all I would need to do is turn the tv on. When I turned on CW the screen with black with a message saying that it was taken off. I went on twitter and saw where some girl wrote to CW saying she couldn't watch the episode because it was off the air and CW's reply was: ":( watch it on cwtv.com tomorrow." No fan who has watched the show for 9 years wants to hear that reply. So yeah I was mad and you might have seen what I wrote one twitter to cw lol. If you didn't I basically said that it was a coincidence that Vampire Diaries was on hiatus while the whole network was taken off Direct TV blah blah blah. I guess they were getting a lot of complaints because they tweeted again for people to watch the episode online the next day. Now I was watching shows on ABC and kept checking twitter here and there to see what was going on when at 9:45pm I saw CW was back. I turned the episode on and saw the last 15 minutes which was good because when I bought the episode of itunes the ending was different. There was no water balloon scene on the itunes version and no Gavin Degraw performance of "I Don't Wanna Be" with the cast singing alone. The theme song performance was perfect and made the ending even better.

Let me just say that the final season was probably one of the best final seasons of a show. Now I could be bias because it is my favorite show but still. There was so must action with the Nathan being kidnapped storyline, Xavier coming after Brooke, Clay having a son he forgot about for 6 years (and Logan is absolutely adorable), and Chase going after Chuck's dad. One of the biggest things this season of course was Dan's death. When I read that the person who dies would die protecting someone I knew it would be Dan and I was not disappointed. It was a good way to start his redemption and then having Keith meet him on the other side and tell him that he forgave omg so good. Of course I will always remember, "Don't worry little brother you're my plus one." So good to have Craig Scheffer come back as Keith. We also got to see returns from Bevin, Deb, Miss Lauren, David, Lucas, and one of the best returns Chris Keller. Now don't get me wrong I hated Chris Keller when he messed with my Naley and Brucas but when he wasn't messing with my favorite couples I loved the character. He just has some of the best lines that just makes you laugh.

So the last episode was entitled One Tree Hill which is so appropriate. It brought back pieces of the show from all the different years. We got to see the Julias Caesar book that Haley gave to Lucas in the pilot episode. We got to see Haley show Jamie her and Lucas's yearly prediction spot. We saw little flashbacks of earlier seasons of the main characters along with how far the characters have come now. Haley told Jamie, "There is only one Tree Hill Jamie Scott and it's your home" which is the same thing Karen said to Lucas in the season 1 finale.

Nathan made a cute date night for him and Haley. He cooked her mac and cheese which is "food of the Gods" like their first date. He have her crackerjack which had a nice bracelet in it and they danced and walked in the rain. Those are classic scenarios for this couple which come on is the best couple of the show. Yeah I know Leyton fans might disagree but Naley has struggled with so many things and made it through. They were married at 17 for goodness sake and are still together.

Oh Clay and Quinn got married after Logan called Quinn mom. That scene was so sweet. They adopted Logan together so they are a nice happy family.

Julian is doing well with the tv show and Brooke was going to all the sets. We got to see Peyton's room which was nice for the fans to see since we haven't seen it in quite a few seasons. Brooke's Baker Man clothing line is taking off and she opened a shop across from Karen's cafe. Brooke was talking to Julian about her old house and how she always loved it but said it deserved a family. Well Julian went out and bought the house for them so Brooke will be the girl behind the red door again. Ok now I find that really sweet but it's kind of too sweet. Julian kind of acts too sweet and perfect that he borders on annoying and creepy lol. I mean he wrote himself into the high school tv show just so his fantasy tv self could be with Brooke. A little lame.

Mouth received $500,000 from Dan's estate with a note saying "What you do matters." He started a sports scholarship for anybody going into a sports field in college. The scholarship was in honor of Keith and Jimmy Edwards.

We celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Tric and Chris Keller got signed to Red Bedroom Records by Haley. Then we did a time jump with everyone in the bleachers cheering Jamie on in a big game. He is now the all time scorer. It came full circle. The show started with a Scott playing basketball in the high school and it ended with a Scott playing basketball.

So if you couldn't tell I loved the finale. Could it have been better? Of course it could have. Lucas and Peyton being in finale would have made it perfect. They are such important characters to the history of the show. The show started with two brothers and in the end we only got 1. All we got was a lame scene of Lucas with horrible hair sitting in an airport hugging an upset Haley. Basically he did what we had seen Quinn do for Haley. It would have been nice to see Karen too especially since she owned Tric for those 10 years. Wouldn't the original owner want to be there for a 10 year anniversary? I know I would. A surprise visit from Whitey would have been cool too. I assumed he might have been dead but Mark Schwahn says no lol.

Anyway it has been a great 9 years and it's not over. I still have my dvds to rewatch lol. Mark Schwahn also said he would not count out a reunion so maybe something to one day look forward to.

And on that note Goodnight Tree Hill.

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